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10ticks Worksheet Annual Licence

The 10ticks Worksheet Annual Licence is a brand new collection of worksheets, giving a total of more than 3700 worksheets. Purchased on an annual licence the worksheets are populated with more than 1100 previously unseen worksheets.

What you get for a low annual cost

  • The whole collection. All levels 1- 10, that’s 1,2,3,4,5,6,7/8,9/10
  • Over 1100 worksheets never seen before
  • A total of more than 3700 worksheets covering all the National Curriculum
  • New worksheets released every year
  • Automatic update for all renewing customers when the New National Curriculum is released in 2014
  • Peace of mind your licence is covered if you change to an academy
  • 8 FREE licence keys as standard, Plus For this month only an Extra 8 FREE

Annual Subscription Primary* Secondary
New Customer £80.00 + VAT £140.00 + VAT
New Customer
(price freeze**)
£64.00 + VAT £120.00 + VAT
Existing Customer*** £50.00 + VAT £98.00 + VAT
Existing Customer*** (price freeze**) £50.00 + VAT £98.00 + VAT

* This is only available to Primary schools or schools with fewer than 100 pupils in total.

** Price Freeze available for between 3 and 6 years. Renewal price will not increase.

*** Academies who purchased under an old school name are entitled to existing customer prices. This ensures academy is legally covered by copyright.

Download our latest Annual Worksheet Licence brochure here PDF (405KB).

Teacher Licence Annual Worksheets

How long do you want the teacher licence for?
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Lifetime Licence Worksheets

Our lifetime licence worksheets are still available to buy for a short time only.

A staple of maths departments across the globe for the last decade, these will soon come to an end. If you still want these lifetime licences you should purchase them as soon as possible. Please note these do not include the 1100 new worksheets.

Get the ‘New Look’ 10ticks Online School Learning System...


Take a peek at the Student desk area Click here to have a look at the students view

Students love our new 20 minute homework’s which include a video, a game and a test. There simple and fun to complete so homework’s have are completed. What’s more all results are sent to the teacher area along with a weekly email, so no marking.

Or setup a course a full year in advance and let students complete whichever section they want. Just ask them to spend an hour on 10ticks or complete 2 sections and all the results will be fed back to you.

Whichever method you choose we are confident you will see an increase in homework completion, leading to increased exam results.

Download our latest SLS brochure

Download our latest SLS brochure here PDF (619KB).

School Learning System Subscription:

Annual Subscription (Up to 50 Users)£70.00 
Annual Subscription (Up to 300 Users)£390.00 
Annual Subscription (Up to 800 Users)£898.00 
Annual Subscription (Up to 1000 Users)£1120.00 
Annual Subscription (Up to 1500 Users)£1665.00 
Annual Subscription (Up to 2000 Users)£3665.00 

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10ticks Maths e-Books

Introducing 10ticks brand new National Curriculum aligned e-books.

Mapped from Level 1-9 of the National Curriculum, ready to use on your computer, laptop, ipad or android device, with our simple to use DRM software.

Single Level e-Books

Valid for 1 year and priced per student. Each student will receive an individual e-book which can be used on their laptop, computer, ipad or android device.

Simply select how many of each e-book you would like and click the shopping cart.
 £4 £4 £4
1 2 3
 £6 £6  £6
4 5 6
 £6 £6 
7/8 9/10  
  Total Cost
All Level e-Books

Valid per student containing ALL levels from 1-9. Available on a 1-3 year licence.

Perfect for students who own their own device and keep it throughout their time at school. Also great for schools who focus on optimal zones of development, who may have students working at different levels in the same class.

Just select the number of years you want the licence for and the number of students.

1 Year / Student £6
2 Years / Student £8
3 Years / Student £10

Number of years

Number of Students:

Total Cost