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The New Home Learning System allows you to take control of your child’s learning, brings the whole family together and gives your child the confidence to succeed in maths.

 It contains 4800+ engaging worksheets, simple to follow guides, interactive tests, fun
  quizzes and games.

 Our unique reward and incentive system ensures your child grows in confidence.

 All results are stored, analysed and marked online enabling you to concentrate solely
 on your child’s development.

Don't just take our word for it!

In a survey of Heads of Maths, 99% would recommend the worksheets to a colleague in another school. 82% said the use of the worksheets had contributed to an increase in the standard of teaching in their schools.
We really enjoy using the 10ticks worksheets, as do the students. They have been used extensively and allow staff to plan their work. Looking forward to any new materials...
 -  A.T, The George Ward School, Melksham.
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10ticks Home Learning System is a mixture of our renowned market leading worksheets, used by over 1.5 million students in the UK alone. The engaging and interactive courses take your child through the curriculum at their own pace. This gives clarity and in-depth understanding in their home environment. The maths courses cover Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and GCSE, both primary and secondary.

7 day Money-back Guarantee
Our courses consist of engaging worksheets, simple to follow guides, interactive tests, fun quizzes and games. Fun-key maths makes learning enjoyable and fun, whilst supporting the learning objectives of the topic in a less traditional way. The online resources add up to hours of quality teaching and will give your child the key to success in maths.

The new 5 user licence ensures you the parent and any member of the family can get involved. You can follow your child’s progress from the parental interface. You can also set up your own username and complete the sections before your child from their viewpoint, making explanations with your child simpler.

As your child works through the course they earn merits leading to certificates, positively reinforcing and breeding success. The innovative system highlights your child’s weaknesses and asks the child to re-visit problematic areas preventing failure. The revision area means your child can re-visit any topic when important exams loom or at any point. Giving your child the best possible help and preparation is vital.

It has been recently reported that almost 1 in 5 primary school children are paying more than £30 per hour for one or two lessons per week. This costs a parent £1440 per annum, whilst a year’s 10 ticks subscription brings the whole family together, whilst improving your child’s numeracy and only costs £99.98 per annum.

Do not just take our word for it and the hundreds of teachers worldwide. We are so convinced by our system we are offering you 40 pages of quality 10Ticks worksheets for you to try yourself, FREE.

WARNING. The 10ticks online system is a comprehensive set of mathematical materials. It is a complete system offering thorough coverage of core mathematical skills and should not be undertaken lightly. This product could seriously affect your intelligence.

Includes fun worksheets, answers, engaging guides, interactive tests and exciting games.

Avoid waiting until the exam period, build your child’s foundations early and get access to 4800+ fun maths worksheets with answers and solutions.

Take control and make your own course from the comfort of your home in four clicks.

Bring the family together, for the same price everyone can have their own unique log in (5 max).

See your child grow in confidence as he/she passes tests and receives merits and certificates.

More cost effective than a tutor.

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