The 10ticks team have been producing quality maths resources for over 10 years. The wealth of experience has allowed us to create a comprehensive bank of resources for parents, teachers and tutors to use in educating children.

Our materials are used in over 70% of UK secondary schools, are present in several countries including Australia, South Africa, India & Malaysia and have been written by Heads of Maths with over 100 years combined experience. 10ticks bring best practise from different countries together in one collection which means you can rest assured that our materials, guides and tests will be of the highest standard.

The 10ticks Online Worksheet Licence, containing over 10,000 resources, is completely free for all UK state-funded schools.

This is thanks to generous sponsorship from Liontrust, who have been partnered with us since 2020!

As of now, our focus remains dedicated to offering top-notch maths resources for ages 4 to 16. This comprehensive range encompasses Reception through to A* GCSE levels. Where other companies may provide maths, this is often restricted to either primary OR secondary school ages. We all come from maths backgrounds and build on over 100 years in cumulative maths teaching experience.

Home Learning System - A maths learning system which takes students through the latest maths curriculum at their own pace, specifically designed with parents and children in mind.

Online Worksheet Licence - 10ticks Maths Worksheets give thorough coverage of the Latest National Curriculum for ages 4-16. They are used by millions of students worldwide, 70% of UK secondary schools and a vast amount of primary schools.

Tutor Learning System - Allows tutors to access our entire database of maths resources, including maths worksheets, video guides, online tests and games, helping to save you time and focus on teaching.

Registering is completely free and you’ll get complimentary access to extra pages and materials using our shareware section. Best of all, you’ll receive a free worksheet pack and use of our seasonal worksheets when they become available.

You just need a valid email address and a few minutes of your time. If you choose to receive our newsletter, we won’t send junk or pass on your details to any third parties.

The 10ticks Home Learning System is an engaging and interactive learning system that will take your child through the maths curriculum at their own pace. The system is used by thousands of students worldwide, in both schools and homes. Our Home Learning System has been fully mapped to the latest national curriculum, and covers every maths topic from Reception – Year 11, including the latest GCSE content.

The Home Learning System is internet browser based, meaning you do not need to download any new software to access. It is compatible with most internet browsers.

The Home Learning System is compatible with desktops, iPads, Androids, and other tablets, ensuring accessibility across a variety of devices. It boasts an extensive collection comprising over 4,800 worksheets, 1,000 video guides, 1,000 tests, and an array of games and activities. This wealth of resources empowers parents and children alike, offering the versatility to tailor their usage of the system in a manner that optimally suits their individual needs.

The 10ticks Home Learning System is designed to cater for all students aged 4 – 16, from Reception through to Year 11.

As a parent or guardian, you can rest assured that your child is equipped with premium resources. These resources are presented in a way that resonates with young learners, ensuring effective comprehension and learning.

Upon subscribing, you'll unlock unrestricted access to our entire 10ticks collection, which encompasses a remarkable assortment of resources, including over 10,000 acclaimed worksheets. Dive into engaging animated guides, comprehensive tests, captivating games, and our enriching fun-key maths activities.

The flexibility is in your hands – choose from pre-designed modules offering a blend of resources, or seamlessly fashion your own tailor-made learning journey. Additionally, consider the Home Learning System as a dynamic revision tool, effectively replacing outdated and costly textbooks. A modern, sustainable, and comprehensive approach to education awaits.

Choose from our range of pricing options that is best suited to you and your child.

For more information on the costing and subscription options please contact mailto:[email protected]

Yes, simply click here and enjoy a 7 Day Free Trial. You will also receive a Free Worksheet Pack and any updates on the latest curriculum changes.

We understand that every child learns at their own pace. That’s why the Home Learning System contains a National Curriculum Leveller Test feature that will help you to establish the level your child is currently working at and the best resources to use with them. When a child logs into their Student Account they will be required to complete the test and the System will then put your child on a course it deems suitable based on the answers they have given.

No, our worksheets cannot be filled in online. To fill them in, you need to print them out or alternatively your child can view them onscreen and answer on paper, enabling him/her to show their workings out. Printing out is better for the kinaesthetic learner who likes to touch/feel things rather than onscreen for the audio/visual learner. This is called blended learning and is the most effective model for computer learning. You may want to let your child have a special exercise book for this purpose, and you can also encourage self-marking.

For optimal progress, we suggest dedicating 3-4 sessions per week, each lasting 30 to 45 minutes. However, any time spent on the system is sure to help! The worksheets are carefully crafted to facilitate consolidation through ample practice questions.

We constantly update our resources to reflect the latest curricula and pedagogy.

Renewing your 10ticks subscription is simple. Simply navigate to your 10ticks User Area when you log in and select your preferred renewal option. If you're on a 6 or 12-month subscription, we'll also ensure you receive a timely reminder when the renewal period approaches. It's our way of ensuring uninterrupted access to our valuable resources.

The 10ticks Online Worksheet Licence offers schools a comprehensive toolkit for teaching maths. It allows all teachers at your school to create an individual account and create individual classes.

The licence guarantees complete coverage of the latest national curriculum and the White Rose learning scheme. With an expansive collection of over 10,000 worksheets, there are resources for learners of all abilities and ages, from Year Reception through to Year 11. This offering is further enhanced with two distinct collections: one tailored for Primary Schools and the other catering to Secondary Schools.

The Online Worksheet Licence equips educators with a versatile arsenal to facilitate effective and engaging maths education.

The Annual Worksheet Licence embraces a digital delivery method, championing eco-friendliness by significantly reducing paper consumption. Our maths worksheets can be incorporated into school networks, projected on whiteboards, and utilised as e-books.

Alternatively, if preferred, teachers can choose to print and distribute the worksheets in a physical form.

This flexibility ensures that educators can seamlessly integrate our resources into their teaching methods, enhancing the learning experience for their students.

The 10ticks Online Worksheet Licence is completely free of charge for all UK state-funded schools!

Independent schools can choose from our range of pricing options that is best suited for your school.

For more information on the costing and subscription options please contact mailto:[email protected]

The Online Worksheet Licence is fully compatible with Windows PCs, Macintosh Computers, iPads, and most tablets.

We constantly update our resources to reflect the latest curricula and pedagogy.

Yes! Our search filters allow you to find your desired worksheet(s) in seconds. You can refine by year group, topics, and/or keywords to instantly locate worksheets from our extensive database.

The 10ticks Tutor Learning System is an interactive educational platform designed to guide your students through the maths curriculum at their individual pace. This versatile system is trusted by thousands of students globally, whether in schools or homes.

For schools, the system aligns seamlessly with the latest national curriculum, offering comprehensive coverage of every maths topic from Reception through to Year 11.

The Tutor Learning System's compatibility extends across desktops, iPads, Android devices, and various tablets. Within this system, it houses an extensive repository of resources, featuring over 4,800 worksheets, 1,000 video guides, 1,000 tests, and an array of games and activities. This wealth of materials empowers tutors and students alike, fostering a personalised learning approach that adapts to their unique needs and preferences.

Unlock the power of customisation with the system, allowing you to create tailor-made courses for the entire class or cater individually to each student. This flexibility ensures seamless learning for students of varying skill levels. The beauty of this system is that students can access it from both school and home, rendering it ideal for both homework and revision. Additionally, the online assessment of tests translates to hours saved in marking, streamlining the teaching process.

Course creation is a breeze, and you have the option to set courses for each individual student or specific groups. Tutors and students alike gain insight into areas where skills might need further honing. The system's automation even generates supplementary content and revision materials based on each individual's strengths and weaknesses. This dynamic approach is tailored to facilitate optimal learning outcomes for every student, making education a personalised and effective experience.

The pricing of the Tutor Learning System is determined by the number of students you intend to include and the duration of the subscription. To cater to your preferences, we offer flexible payment options as outlined below:

1. Monthly Option: This pay-as-you-go choice allows automatic debits from your account on a monthly basis.

2. 6-Month Option: Pay upfront for a 6-month subscription. This option is cheaper than the monthly option over a 6-month period.

3. Yearly Option: Opt for a full-year subscription, paid in advance. This is the cheapest option over a 12-month period.

If you would like to understand more regarding costs and subscription options, we encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected] Our team will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision tailored to your tutoring needs.

Many of the tutors who subscribe to our system discover an opportunity to generate additional income. They achieve this by offering parents the value-added service of online support, for which they charge a nominal fee, usually around £2 per lesson. This fee covers the cost of the system for the tutor, while parents are delighted to access the system at a significantly reduced expense compared to direct purchase from us. This approach creates a win-win situation, fostering mutual satisfaction and enabling tutors to offer enhanced educational support while also supplementing their income.

Both of the systems offer the same overall functionality and include award-winning 10ticks materials. The main difference is that the Tutor Learning System allows for a greater number of users.


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