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"Excellent for kids. My daughter is loving the desktop changing pics and getting merits."

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Our engaging and interactive Home Learning System will take your child through the entire Latest National Curriculum at his or her own pace. 10ticks is used by thousands of students worldwide, in both schools and homes. We cover every maths topic in both primary and secondary education, from Years R-11.


Latest National Curriculum Approved

Embrace our wealth of resources meticulously aligned with the latest national curriculum, encompassing all essential maths subjects spanning Years Reception-11. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring our Home Learning System remains current and in sync with any forthcoming curriculum revisions. Your child's education, always in step with the times.
Track Results

Boost Confidence

Increase your child's self-assurance through our rewarding system. Each earned merit fuels a growing sense of confidence, cultivating a genuine enthusiasm for maths. Not only can students earn merits, but parents can also distribute personal accolades, fostering even greater motivation to excel. Witness your child's confidence soar as they embark on a journey of mathematical discovery and accomplishment.
Track Results

Track Results

Effortlessly monitor your child's course advancement and test outcomes. This intuitive tracking system aids in pinpointing areas of proficiency and areas requiring improvement, providing valuable insights into their knowledge landscape. Gain a comprehensive understanding of their overall achievement level, empowering you to guide their learning journey effectively.
Maths Fun

Make Maths Fun

Balance isn't just about hard work – it's about having fun too. Delight in an array of interactive maths games that infuse enjoyment into learning. Your child can embrace the joy of maths in an environment that makes learning feel like play.
independent study

Independent Study

Empower your child with our dedicated revision area, a treasure trove of maths resources. Tailored for exam preparation, this feature enables focused study on specific topics. Users are assisted through tutorial videos and targeted practice questions.

Huge Amount of Resources

Immerse in a world of abundance within the system, offering an extensive array of thousands of maths worksheets, video guides, and tests. Complemented by hundreds of engaging games and activities, this resource-rich platform grants you unparalleled versatility. Tailor the system to cater precisely to your child's unique needs, ensuring an optimised learning experience that maximises their growth and understanding.


Our Home Learning System operates through internet browsers, ensuring compatibility across a range of platforms: Windows, Mac, iPads, Androids, and various tablets. While most resources seamlessly integrate, certain materials may necessitate supplementary software, which you might already have readily available on your device. Enjoy the convenience of a versatile learning environment that adapts to your technology preferences.
Course Builder

Build Bespoke Course

Choose from our pre-designed 10ticks courses, or craft a personalised learning experience swiftly and simply. Customise the course by selecting specific years, topics, and resources, shaping a curriculum that aligns perfectly with your aspirations and your child's needs. The power to sculpt their education, now at your fingertips.