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Tutor Learning System

The Tutor Learning System streamlines your teaching process, providing access to a comprehensive suite of maths resources, including worksheets, video guides, online tests, and games. You can tailor individual courses for each student and monitor their progress, making it easy to showcase improvements to parents. Plus, the reward system boosts student confidence through merits and certificates, fostering motivation and achievement.

Many of the tutors who subscribe to our system discover an opportunity to generate additional income. They achieve this by offering parents the value-added service of online support, for which they charge a nominal fee, usually around £2 per lesson. This fee covers the cost of the system for the tutor, while parents are delighted to access the system at a significantly reduced expense compared to direct purchase from us. This approach creates a win-win situation, fostering mutual satisfaction and enabling tutors to offer enhanced educational support while also supplementing their income.

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Online Worksheet Licence

The Tutor or Teacher Online Worksheet Licence offers online access to the entire 10ticks Worksheet Collection via our website, eliminating the need for installations. Simply log in from any device to access over 10,000 maths materials, spanning Years Reception – 11, aligned with the 9-1 grading system, and enriched with new resources for the mastery approach.

Our collection features diverse worksheet styles, including consolidation, problem-solving, investigations, games, puzzles, and action maths.

With the Teacher Online Worksheet Licence, you can utilise these materials within a school or for home tuition, exclusively under your name. To purchase or try it out for free, register as an independent teacher.

For the Tutor Online Worksheet Licence, the license is issued in your tuition centre’s name, and it grants access to up to three tutors. To purchase or take a free trial, please register as a tutor.


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