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Welcome to Ian’s Friday Puzzle! Dust off those Friday cobwebs with a little manipulation of the old grey matter. Perplexing puzzles, logical, illogical, and sometimes just plain stupid. Be prepared to be bewildered, befuddled and bedazzled!

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This week's Friday Puzzle

Cats have 4 legs, beetles have 6 legs and spiders 8 legs.

I have three times as many cats as spiders.

I have four times as many beetles as spiders.

The number of legs add to 132.

How many of each do I have?

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Friday Puzzle (18-09-2020)

The area of the yellow is equal to the area of the red.

four rectangles

Find the missing length.

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Friday Puzzle (24-07-2020)

A pentagon is made by constructing a right-angled isosceles triangle on top of a square, with sides 2 cm.

Pentagon made from square and triangle

Find the area of the pentagon.

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Friday Puzzle (17-07-2020)

Draw a quadrilateral so that each angles, measured in degrees, is a square number.

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Friday Puzzle (10-07-2020)

The two squares have lengths 2 cm and 3 cm.

They overlap as shown.

Two Squares

What is the difference between the areas of the two yellow parts of each square?

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Friday Puzzle (03-07-2020)

I have 2 circular, concentric train tracks.

The inside train track has a radius of 3 m.

The outside train track has a radius of 4 m.

They both start at the same time at the Northerly position on their tracks, travelling anticlockwise and at the same speed.

What is the relative position of the two trains when the inner train has completed 13 laps?

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Friday Puzzle (26-06-2020)

I have 4 digits.

I am a perfect square.

I have rotational symmetry so look the same upside down.

My square root is prime.

What number am I?

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Friday Puzzle (19-06-2020)

I have 1000 apples and 10 empty boxes.

I want to put the apples in the boxes so I can sell any amount and just hand over the pre-packed boxes.

How many apples should I put in each box?

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Friday Puzzle (12-06-2020)

Paul keeps pigs and chickens.

Between them, his animals have 22 heads and 58 legs.

How many pigs and chickens does Paul have?

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Friday Puzzle (05-06-2020)

Use factorials to simplify

1 1/2  × 2 2/3  × 3 3/4 × 4 4/5 × … × 19 19/20 × 20 20/21

Give an answer in the form  a × 20!

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