10ticks Action Maths - The New Educational Superfood

10ticks Action Maths lessons blend physical education and mathematics, catering to primary school students. These resources are crafted for primary school teachers, promoting engagement and physical activity within their class. This innovative approach adds an element of fun and diversity, and there are at least 30 unique lessons available for all year groups from Reception through to Year 6.

  • Pupils become more engaged
  • Improves retention of information
  • Exercises both the mind and the body
  • Increases attention span and attainment

The 10ticks Action Maths lesson plans help you discover active maths ideas to help consolidate the skills that have been taught through the 10ticks worksheets and are a way of reinforcing concepts through a variety of physical game play.

Five compelling reasons to choose 10ticks Action Maths:

  1. 1. Efficiency: Get two lessons in one - integrate core subjects into PE time or infuse physical activity into core learning, optimising curriculum time.
  2. 2. Engaging Fun: Action Maths offers enjoyable, community-building maths activities that captivate children's interest.
  3. 3. Enhanced Learning: Active maths lessons can boost attention spans, alleviate stress, and improve learning. Movement benefits cognitive function, enhancing concentration and supporting learning across subjects.
  4. 4. Versatility: Diverse teaching methods reinforce mathematical concepts, leading to better retention and increased student motivation in maths.
  5. 5. Tailored Support: Ideal for low-ability, kinaesthetic learners, these materials can be used in one-on-one or small group settings.

The 10ticks Action Maths resources are just a small part of the complete 10ticks maths solution and one of the many ways we aim to make mathematics simple, fun and fascinating.

Action Maths worksheets are simple to find on site. You can utilise our search filters to identify the full list of Action Maths worksheets, and you can further refine your search by selecting your desired topic and year group.

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