10ticks Reward Programme

Earn Credits and Improve Maths Results.

We give each school a unique code, offering a huge discount off the price of the 10ticks Home Learning System which you can pass on to parents. For every parent that then uses the code, your school will receive £1 credit towards your next purchase creating a win win situation for the parent, school and especially the student. The credit that you earn will be automatically deducted from the cost of your next purchase.

Earn credit in 6 simple steps

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Log into your User Area on 10ticks
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Download the letter to parents which is located in the school rewards box. This letter contains a message to parents about the programme, and your unique school code.
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Your details will be automatically updated on the letter including your name and your school. Alternatively you can copy and paste sections of the letter you want and adapt it to your specific needs.
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Hand out to students to pass on to parents.
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Parents can then use the unique school code to get a huge discount off 10ticks Home Learning System. Instructions on how to redeem the voucher code are included in the letter.
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£1 will be added directly to your school account for every parent that uses the code. On your next purchase this credit will automatically be taken off the price.

The Home Learning System

Parents can get up to an incredible 81% off 10ticks Home Learning System with your school’s unique code. The System features thousands of guides and worksheets, along with games and tests to keep things interesting.

It is simple and fun to use, with lots of added features that students will discover as they explore the student desk area, from ‘daily puzzles’ to ‘magic maths’. The System is suitable for the ages of 5 to 16 with different looks to suit all ages and personalities.

Parents can set up courses quickly and easily or they can set a leveller test which will evaluate the current level their child is working at and set a course accordingly. Feedback is provided through regular emails out to the parents updating them on the latest test results. It is great for revision and can be used alongside their school studies as an extra learning resource. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to pass on great savings to parents and get money off your next 10ticks purchase. Whilst at the same time helping to increase maths results in your school!

Saving money has never been easier!


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